How to apply for student Visa in Malaysia: Application and Visa Process

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Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is the best choice for students as it is affordable, has a thriving economy and also has a high standard of living. The Malaysian government is targeting up to 250000 students from international backgrounds by 2025.

Step 1: Apply to a university in Malaysia:

International students who wish to study in Malaysia have to submit the necessary documents once selected by the University and get the offer letter. Getting a student visa in Malaysia is quite easy when compared to other countries, that’s why over 9000 and more international students have applied for a visa this year.

Step 2: Visa payment and Application:

Universities can apply on the official EMGS Site on behalf of the students. This will help the application to process without any hurdles. The other Visa process will be handled by EMGS after payment of application fees.

Step 3: EMGS and Immigration Process:

For your application to be approved it takes about 4 - 6 weeks. The Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) will review your application within 2 - 3 weeks of your Malaysia visa application submission. After approval, the rest of the immigration process will take 2 weeks. 

Step 4: Pre-departure documents:

After your application is approved you have to fill a pickup form in the airport so that a university agent could pick you up and it is also important to obtain a 1-month single entry visa. 

Important Guidelines for International students for Malaysia visa application:
  • Students who come from different countries and are aiming to study in Malaysia have to follow the Standard Operating Procedure by the National Security Council.
  • Covid-19 tests should be taken at least 3 days before visiting Malaysia. 
  • When entering the country, the student must take a Swab test. 
  • You have to be in quarantine for 10 days in a place provided by the government even if you are tested negative.

Step 5: Post arrival procedures:

After you have arrived in Malaysia you have to complete the registration process with the University. In the registration process, you should submit your passport to the Universities International Offices which will get you multiple student entry visas for 1 year.

Some documents to be submitted to your university are:
  • Academic documents like Transcript, Certificates and completion letters.
  • A recommendation letter from your previous institute or work (Mandatory for Masters and PhD courses)
  • For doctorate courses your research proposal or thesis.
  • A passport size photograph with white background.
  • An affidavit for details clarification; the reason for any difference of information in academic and personal documents.
  • All scanned copies of your passport pages
  • Medical Check-up and Declaration form.

Other documents required for Malaysia visa requirements:

Offer Letter

You should send a copy of the letter offered to you for your application to pass for a student visa. If you are filling out an online application for a student visa then you should fill the form only once you have received the acceptance letter from your institute or college.

Health Declaration Form

You are required to submit a copy of your health declaration form to apply for a student visa for Malaysia. For an online application, take a scanned copy of the form. 

Academic certificates and Transcripts

You will also be required to provide your previous academic records, certificates and transcripts. To know more information on what are the other documents to submit for entry, check with your institution and look at the details provided by them. 

Personal Bond

The immigration department instructs all educational institutions in Malaysia to sign a personal bond on behalf of you, where the university is bound for a certain sum amount. So the university would require you to lodge this particular amount which will be refunded to you once your studies are completed with full compliance with the immigration law of Malaysia.

English Language Requirement

As the majority of courses in Malaysia are taken in English, you would need to have a good understanding of the English language for you to understand your subjects. While applying for a Visa Approval Letter (VAL), you should also have an acceptable amount of English proficiency for your application to be accepted. Your Malaysia visa application process could be delayed if you do not attach the English proficiency test results in your VAL. Some of the English language tests that are accepted for student Pass application are:

  • PTE - Pearson Test of English
  • IELTS - International English Testing System
  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • CAE - Cambridge English: Advanced
  • CPE - Cambridge English: Proficiency
  • MUET - Malaysian University English test
Reasons for rejection of Malaysian Visa application:

Although the acceptance rate for a student visa is 90%, your application for a student visa can be rejected under the following circumstances:

  • If you have any insufficient funds in your bank account.
  • If the Letter of Recommendation is invalid
  • If you have submitted any false documents
  • If you have any criminal history
  • If your document is in regional language
  • If your academic records are unsatisfactory
  • If you communication skill or language skill is bad
  • If you have inconsistent program choices

The application process for new students is straightforward and not much complicated when compared to other countries. There are very few cases of rejection and most of them have gotten their student visa. Getting a Malaysia e visa is pretty simple and you can have a good time while studying in Malaysia.

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