How will Covid-19 affect my college application?

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With Covid-19 changing everything in our lives it will also affect college applications. Some claim these changes to be permanent, which will help the students and evaluate them in a better way. If you are an international student, you must surely wonder how will the pandemic affect your college admission and application process. Dive into this blog on what are the changes you could expect in 2021. 

Uncertainty in Grades:

Grades are one of the most important factors that help a student get into their desired university. Since most of the schools have now shifted to online or hybrid mode, evaluation of grades have not been like earlier times. Even the college admission committees understand these times are uncertain and so most of them evaluate the student based on their past grades or their internal marks evaluations.

Cancellations of SAT and ACTs:

Entrance exams like SAT have been made optional, they have conducted ACTs in a few countries. Many top tier universities have made these tests optional for admission but they still appreciate it. There have still been some uncertainties about the test dates which you can check on their official website. 

Lack of extracurricular activities:

Because of the pandemic, many extracurricular activities like sports, clubs and volunteer projects are cancelled. Students have to use creative means to showcase their talents and creative spots. Students who are themselves and have shown their personality in the admission process have impressed many admissions committees.

Delayed travel:

For international students, there has been a delay in travel with the restrictions of Covid-19. There are many things an international student would have to consider while travelling post-pandemic, like getting a visa during Covid-19. There are also no college visits that would have helped students provide a much broader peer learning and since the visa process during the pandemic is different, students prefer to stay in their country than going for a visa. But getting a Malaysia visa online is much easier than in other countries because of the reduction in Covid-19 restrictions. 

Tips for College applications 2021:

With the effect of Covid-19 slowly reducing, students can now start looking for college admissions and focus on college applications. Here are a few tips that can help you in these uncertain times.  

  • You can focus on online classes and interact with your peers as much as possible. Taking online courses can also help you find your passion and make you realise the stream you want to explore more. 
  • Test scores have now been made optional, but it could change with the change in time and how the universities would deal with admissions after the pandemic. You can still prepare for competitive exams and English proficiency tests that will help you during any change of plans. 
  • While researching for universities, many of them are now offering virtual tours and workshops that can clear doubts of international students about admission, getting a visa during the pandemic and financial aid details. 
  • After researching, refine your college list based on the country and the type of visa process they have in the future. Countries like Malaysia have a very lenient application process and you can apply for a Malaysia visa online. 
  • Even though there are few extracurricular activities you can perform, you can get creative and try new things from home that will also help you with valuable lessons and also help in your college applications. 

We understand that this time is uncertain and with that; it brings many emotions like anxiety, confusion and fear in students. But proper research and guidance can help you find the university of your dream. 

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