The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) - in Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg, and on our new UE Innovation Hub - educates the designers and decision-makers of tomorrow in the fields of Business, Sports, Media, and Event and Art & Design.

The university promotes the future-oriented development of skills and interdisciplinary teaching formats in step with actual practice and according to the highest international standards. Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial, and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study mutually enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research tailored to the requirements of the Job Market.


The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) in Iserlohn, Berlin, and Hamburg is ranked as one of the TOP 10 performers of universities in Germany in the field of business programs.


  • Animation, Green Screen and Photography Studios
  • TV & Radio Studios
  • Motion Design & 3D Labs


University of Europe for Applied Sciences operates across 4 campuses located in Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn and UE Innovation Hub!


UE doesn’t offer any accommodations to its students but has various options close to the university. Various private student residences are available throughout the city which offers facilities and services specifically designed for students: accommodation is in self-catering fully-furnished houses/ flats including several single and sometimes double bedrooms, a shared bathroom, and living/ kitchen area. Each bedroom is equipped with free Internet access.

Average Tuition Fee

The average cost of tuition at University of Europe for Applied Science is $11,000 per year.

Living Expenses

The average cost of living in Germany ranges between $700 - $1200 per month and it depends on the city.


Several scholarships are available to apply from. To check your eligibility for scholarship, please fill in the form by clicking here . One of our counsellors will connect with you soon.

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