Yasar University is an English-medium university located in the heart of the city of Izmir on the Aegean Coast of Turkey. Known for its friendly atmosphere, the university was founded in 2001, and focuses on providing a quality and fulfilling education to students, who are looking to make the most of their university years.

The University’s links with the business sector and global universities make the campus an ideal environment for personal development and learning with an international dimension. Partner agreements have been signed with more than 300 universities in a wide range of countries. Students are given every opportunity to make the most of their university years, and to prepare them in the skills needed for their future careers.


Yasar University has a world ranking of 2485 and 891 in Continental Ranking.


  • Living Spaces filled with latest technology
  • Photography and Graphic Workshop
  • Architecture Workshops
  • Ergonomics Lab
  • Music Studios


Yasar university is located in the city of Izmir, known as the city of students in Turkey.


Yasar University Boys/ Girls Dormitory buildings are intended to offer students a safe, peaceful, innovative and comfortable environment during their learning period with its lodgement alternatives. The dormitory is easily accessible as it is located within walking distance of the Selçuk Yasar Campus and close to Ege University as well, as such shopping malls as Bornova Forum and Ikea. Our priority is to accommodate our students not in a sole-dorm building but with a quality life-style in order for them to feel at home.

Average Tuition Fee

The average cost of tuition at Yasar University is $3,500 per year.

Living Expenses

The average cost of living in Turkey ranges between $700 - $1700 per month.


Several scholarships are available to apply from. To check your eligibility for scholarship, please fill in the form by clicking here . One of our counsellors will connect with you soon.

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