Life of an International University student during the pandemic

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With the pandemic affecting millions of people, it has also affected education in student life who were planning to study abroad. Many international students claim this pandemic has not affected their study plans and dreams to study in international universities. 

With online learning, there have been many benefits and disadvantages for students. Some universities have limited the classroom classes and have opted for E-learning. But it has also removed the complications of Visa and other procedures that were a problem before. Many universities have started their academic year offline but it could confuse them as a lot has changed about student life since Covid-19

Advantages of being an International Student:

Longer holidays:

The best thing about student life is that you can enjoy holidays and enjoy travelling. Since travelling is not possible during the pandemic, international students can use this time to develop their hobbies or learn a new language in the country they are going to study. They can also enjoy and have some time to themselves and focus on self-care.

More time to spend with family:

Since you can’t go out anymore, it is easier to bond with your family members. Everyone is working from home and communication within the family is important for mental peace. It’s reassuring to know your loved ones are by your side in this unpredictable time.

Reduction of cost:

Students that are now into online learning from international universities, do not have to spend on transport, food and going out if they were studying abroad. They can save this money and use it once the restrictions ease and they can go back to a normal college. 

Disadvantages of being an International student:


Even though technology has increased and it has paved the way for online learning, it has also affected education in student life. Since students have to look at the screen for long hours, it has affected their eyesight. A university student learns best from their peers, which is now limited. Students also face a pressure of attending online classes, as there could be a difficulty in understanding concepts.  

Impact on career:

 University students have lost valuable skills that  international universities provide for student development and this could affect their career prospects. The cancellation of exams and evaluation of internal marks can also affect the grades of the student's life. They also do not know about student life and are missing out on the most important time of their lives that teaches them a lot. With pandemic, University students have lost their opportunity to get involved in any extracurricular activities that the campus provides. Extra-curricular activities build up creative spirit in students and bring extra credits that can be helpful for higher studies or finding jobs.

Tips for an International University student:

Focus on your plan: 

It’s hard to predict what could happen in the future and how long will the COVID-19 affect everyone, but until then you can focus on your current plan and start the application process. Most of the universities have extended their application window and now you can take your own time to decide on your options. Keeping a short-term plan will help you not miss out on a year of college.

Focus on your preparations:

Education in student life is really important and you can start preparing for your entrance exams that are accepted by international universities. You can also opt for online learning for entrance exams.

Keep track of the guidelines: 

Many countries have allocated funds for international students to make their education structure better and provide scholarship opportunities. Many universities are also admitting students without GRE or GMAT score results. To make university student life better, they have also reduced the college fees and have provided various financial support for education in student life.

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